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Is Your Site Living in a Desirable Neighborhood?

Choosing where to host your website is just like choosing a neighborhood.

You want safety, security and neighbors who take care of their homes.
Like a house, your website needs regular updates and repairs.

We offer personalized website checkups to evaluate your “neighborhood” to see if you are in need of updates, repairs and extra security.
No Pressure. No obligation. No Strings. No Nagging. We Promise.

We will call you to schedule a convenient time for a brief 15-minute phone appointment to discuss your personalized report. Prior to your phone appointment, we will send you the report via email. It will include details about the number of sites you share your server with, any illicit or illegal sites on the server, if you are in need of security updates to your website, theme and/or plugins and if there are any security breaches that can compromise the safety of your site or users.

What We Evaluate and
Report Back to You:

The Health and Safety of
Your Server Environment

Known Security Issues or
Possible Breaches

If Updates are Needed to
Your Theme or Plugins

Suggestions for Repairs,
Updates and Design

Don’t Wait Until Your Website Crashes!
Your Business Reputation
Relies on an Active & Secure
Online Presence

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Website Checkup Now!

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